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Future Plans


If we look at the embodiment of perfection we humans have a high rate of achieving procrastination from all angles.

To delay is our forte and when it comes to postponing something we would love to do for our self, we are good at putting it off until another time.

We make plans for the future, and when that day comes we realize the future had plans for us instead. There is no time like the present to gift yourself something you have always wanted to do.

Don’t temporize your life, stop making excuses for what you desire, quit stalling and using only what you dream about to live your life because it isn’t really necessary to be this way.

A long time ago when your Ego was born unbeknown to you it began to feed on messages. These stories that fed your mind came from many sources such as your parents, your friends, your co-workers, your teachers and professors, societal conditioning nourished your Ego most of all.

The messages your Ego received and absorbed became the resource you adopted as your wealth of knowledge, your ‘how to live your life’ encyclopaedia, you grew up thinking your mind, of course, had all the right answers but is this really true?

Your Ego filled itself with as much fear as it could stuff into one tiny compartment of who you are if you are tapping into your Ego mind for the answers to your decision making, then fear is what you will receive in return, this is no way to live your life dear Soul.

Fear is a delusion we have been programmed to believe is our truth, and there could be nothing further from the truth than this.

Instead of programming yourself to delay your life, schedule yourself into your calendar and organize your timetable so it may include YOU.

What is it you have always wanted to do?

Now you know the answer, go ahead and do it. 

Much love and devotion