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Full Moon July 1st 2015

Full Moon July 1st 2015


Tomorrow at 10:19pm as you look out of window you will be witness to a ‘Buck Moon’. It is this time of year when the deer begin to grow their antlers.

This new moon in July is also called ‘Thunder Moon’ because it is the season for many a good thunder storm.

Spiritually this moon is very powerful because it will poke us at the very core of who we are. Deep emotions may surface in the next couple of days, you may have been feeling them already.

This Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon occurs in the signs that relate to Mother and Father, Home and the Earth, the emotional body and our outer purpose or dharma. So it is a very personal Full Moon, relating to who we are at our deepest level and how we hold ourselves in the world.

This is a time that you may want to address what needs to be adjusted and sorted out. Old outdated emotional pain may surface, which will give you an opportunity to better understand yourself. Be with the emotions, cry if you need to or step outdoors and howl at the sky.

This full Moon in Capricorn suggests that the feelings of being responsible oftentimes carries burdens. What type of burden can you shed from your life now?

What is most important is that you be patient with yourself. Transformation will take time and courage. Full moons remind us to look to our Inner Body to tell us the truth about our life.

Maybe it is a time for you to set new boundaries, or adjust the ones that are already in place. A time perhaps to look at our financials – where are we spending too much, or where do we need to spend more?

Capricorn is an earthly sign, and is our reminder to be more humble and more connected to Mother Earth.

Take a walk in the forest or place your feet in the sand at the beach. Let your feelings flow freely and make adjustments in your life as they arise.

Take the time to slow down and reorganize your personal world because you matter, you deserve to have inner peace and you are worthy of all the goodness that life has to offer.

Love who you are and never question that where you are is absolutely where you are meant to be.

Don’t stop dreaming, because dreams do come true, and anything is possible.