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Full Moon Feelings!

Full Moon Feelings!


There are a lot of heated emotions in the sky this week, so make sure you keep your cool!

When the moon is full, people tend to allow their emotions to rise to the surface.

The fullness of the moon represents endings and completions, but it is also related to our conscious and subconscious desires.

If there is something that you have wanted to take care of but subconsciously have been putting it off, now is the time to get it done.

It isn’t folk lore when it comes to acting all crazy when there is a big round moon in the sky. Don’t put off what it is your feeling. Every month we get an excellent opportunity to work through whatever it is that comes to the surface.
If you end up feeling the same emotional issue month after month then that is a good indication of what needs to come to completion, once and for all.

Everything that we get rid of that no longer serves a purpose in our life, leaves us with more room for joy.

It is the moon which touches and connects to our Soul. Our deep thoughts and feelings are activated a few days before the full moon and sometimes after.

Don’t ignore what you feel, don’t let your Ego use the full moon as an excuse to keep what comes to the surface, only to be buried once again.

Let your tears flow, there is no better way to let go of what is trapped inside of you.

Allow yourself to feel what you need to, get angry if that is what swells up. My only caution is, own your angry, you don’t have to thrash out at someone else. Keep it real and perhaps use the illumination in the sky to take out your frustration.

There is a full moon tonight, so I urge you – get to work! Tonight is a beautiful opportunity to let go, and love yourself for who you are.

Tomorrow new joy will fill your Soul.