Personal power holds an incredible amount of energy inside of us.

If there is an absence of a lack of freedom in our life, then we are subject to many kinds of illnesses.

No one should feel imprisoned or enslaved in their human existence, not by anyone or any one thing. Freedom is a birthright, a natural and moral right and should be possessed by everyone, regardless of who we are, where we are and what we are.

There is an unspoken law, and it begins the moment we take our first breath, and this law states that our freedom is a privilege and a right duly inherited from our ancestors.

We have battled brave and hard on this planet for the rights that have claimed many a life.

It would be disrespectful and sacrilege for us to give away any of our personal power to someone who does not hold the same moral scripture as we ourselves do.

Never should we allow another person, regardless of who they are, to hold more power over us, than we hold in ourselves.

Freedom is the structure that holds our Soul together, without firm and solid roots to what we believe is our truth, then our foundation becomes weak and unstable.

We become vulnerable to another person’s voice and actions.

Perhaps our foundation becomes weaker as this other person becomes more of an influence.

This is wrong and over time can have dire consequences.

What was only once a small influence, in the beginning, can and will become forceful energy that holds you steadfast as you become more and more powerless, weak and fragile.

Your enthusiasm for life may fade away, as will all of your dreams for a future that seems a million miles away.

The more freedom you give away, the timider you become, your muted voice is faint and indistinct.

Life becomes tasteless, bland and unappetizing until you decide to take back your power and reclaim your freedom.

Use your inner judgment to guard you against inappropriate behaviour, if something doesn’t feel right, then trust what you feel and allow it to be your truth.

Stand up for your truth, make firm again your roots, stand tall against the opposition and fight for your freedom.

Make your ancestors proud, retrieve and rescue your birthright, the right to your personal power.

Own and cherish the freedom that belongs to you. 


May You Find Truth