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Free Will and Willpower

Free Will and Willpower


Free will and will power are two of the same, they both require a tremendous amount of patience and bravery.

Free will is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity, it is the ability to act at our own discretion.

Free will is about our self-determination, which at times can get us into a whole lot of trouble. Liberty can come at a price, in some particular situations.

When we decide to make a decision, freely without compulsion, in other words the decision we decide to make is of our own accord and our own choosing, what we have achieved is an act of voluntarily making a move with our life that we feel is right for us.

The question is, is free will an act of our Ego or one from the calling of our Soul? Regardless of whether the decision or choice we have made, using our free will as our guide, ends up being a good decision or a not so good decision, there is always an opportunity for us to benefit either way, spiritually speaking.

Willpower speaks about discipline and determination, it represents the backbone of who we are. Willpower holds the value of our moral fibre and how steadfast we can sink our boots into what we believe is our truth.

Free will and willpower both ask us to connect to the place where our courage lies, our persistence and of course our stubbornness.

There it is, stubbornness, the word that describes the part of us that sometimes, no matter what the cause, can get us into a load of trouble. Some might call it bullheadedness, (I’ve been called worse), I like to say it is perseverance, even though I might be inflexible about the situation at hand, because of the blindness that is clouding my reasoning.

I am sure you would agree that stubbornness is a natural part of who we are, some of which works in favour of our Higher good, but sometimes, not so much.

What I do love about the way we humans engage in willpower and free will is the show of strength and true grit, it is a time when we put on our game face and war paint and a real show of tenacity.

Perhaps willpower is a show our of independence, and when we humans are grounded in self-sufficiency and self-reliance we feel strong and unconquerable.

I know that when I am standing tall and rolling my shoulders back, feet firmly planted and ready to take on whatever it is, I feel empowered and united in who I am. ‘Willpower’, is the virtue that gets the job done. 

May You Find Truth