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For Every Star, There Is A Wish

For Every Star, There Is A Wish


Most of what we humans crave tend to be the forbidden fruit, we long for what is out of reach spending too much time extending our arms out to what we can’t touch.

Money is a karmic lesson for all of us, we place far too much power in notes and coins, our guilty pleasures go beyond the time and space of this life experience, how much of our personal power we give away to our material wealth and how much of our energetic focus is placed on what we have and what we own has come to pass lifetime after lifetime, we all have work to do to ease the fears we harbour around our assets and resources.

Affluence and wealth of the rich and famous, don’t we all dream of riches and fortunes and wouldn’t more sums of money solve all our problems?

It seems with the rise of the Minimalist some of what prosperity used to represent has gone to the wayside, thank goodness. A lot of us are shifting our awareness to things which seem much more important in these times than our possessions, belongings and what we own.

What we cook in our kitchens and lay on the table to eat has become more of an interest to many. Dissecting the absurdity of what is provided for us on the food selves seems a better place to spend your time, coming to understand and becoming more aware of what is healthy food and what is not is more important than ever.

Our physical health is our responsibility and how we educate our self about the changes in the ways our food is grown and how our meat is raised, it is up to us to be curious.

For every star, there is a wish and dreams are meant to come true.

There are cracks in the roots of our earth, we all must consciously take a stand in the healing of what is broken, we must begin to take our mistakes more seriously and work towards not only a stronger and more resilient planet but a healthier mind, body the spirit of who we are. 

Much love and devotion