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Feminine Power


It isn’t easy to escape social media, it comes at us from every corner in our daily lives. 

Even without watching television or listening to the radio, avoiding the newspaper or tuning into Facebook and Instagram news travels to our ears by way of gossip or overheard conversations in line at the grocery store, hearing what is going on in the World is unavoidable, even by the most perfected recluse.

There is a New Paradigm underway, a very important shift is happening in our World and those who are ready to evolve will have a place in the New Earth, those who are not yet ready to face their karmic lessons will be forced to wait for another chance in other lifetimes.

Feminine Power is on the rise, we the female have been fighting for equality since the beginning of time. We have fought for equal respect on this Earth for 1000’s of years, and now the time has come to walk on the path generations before us have paved with blood, sweat, and tears.  

Women shall never have to lower their heads again for any reason, we the feminine are stepping into our own power and authority. 

If there is something in your life that does not allow you to truly feel freedom, the time has come for change. 

The New Paradigm awaits you, shift with the tides of new growth, there is a cosmic storm on the horizon, the Universe is on fire. 

Much love and devotion