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Fear versus Faith

Fear versus Faith


If we didn’t come here to fear anything we would have no reason to battle our way to faith. 

Feelings of fear began almost the same day we arrived, but faith doesn’t begin to happen until many years later. 

Our Ego is where we store all of our fears, our faith belongs to our Soul. 

Very early on we develop a relationship with our Ego, it doesn’t seem a difficult task, after all there are many people in our Tribe whose intentions to teach us about the world, seemed genuine. 

Our Soul, on the other hand, isn’t as easy to get to know, she is shy and introvert, her muted voice is sombre and subdued. 

The Soul is unobtrusive, humble and unassuming, and rarely has no power over the arrogant conceit of our Ego mind. 

It’s not our fault we are the way we are, we put our trust in our Tribe, they knew what was best for us, they taught us about the World and how to survive in it, they told us how to act, what to speak, they taught us about veracity from what they had learned from their ancestors. 

Who knew that most of what we have absorbed all of the years of our life has been a lie! 

Most of our teachings have been based on someone else’s fears. 

Growing up watching television was a simple and naive pleasure, we looked forward to our favourite shows and a good movie now and again, oh but those annoying commercials, who knew they were intended to negatively program our mind and distort the truth of our reality. 

This past Century has bombarded us with an extensive and infinite playground of devices to corrupt our fragile Ego’s.

 Addictions used to be simple; alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, not anymore, add cell phones, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Fox News, the list goes on and on and on. Each and every addiction is kidnapping the Soul’s of our young ones, the next generation of children with these destructive addictions will do more harm than good to our Planet. 

Someday the two big ‘F’s’ will only be known as the ‘D’s’ which changed everything, 

Death and Destruction. 

Fear has become an epidemic among the masses and it is causing us to destroy our selves at a faster rate than ever before. If we do not get to work and learn how to embrace faith above all else if we do not use faith to help raise the vibration of this Earth we will become another extinct speices.

Much love and devotion