How can one person make change happen in the masses?

Change that could effect 100’s of people? Sounds like a huge undertaking, but actually it is not.

At a certain period in our life, there comes a point when we know it is time for a shift.

How do we begin to alter what has been deeply conditioned in our minds? The answer is simple – embracing a vision of something different.

This refining will involve battling the Ego. We must come to understand and resolve, that our Ego’s hate adjustment and modification.

Learning how to differentiate between our Mind thoughts and the messages we get from our Soul is the first step.

Each and every one of us has the natural ability to tap into our intuitive nature.

The right side of our brain is the emotional and sensitive spark of who we are. Our Ego is everything that we fear. Fear is the pod where all the other negative emotions grow from.
If we are able to tame and control our Ego, then we effectively disengage the mother ship of negative thoughts.
What it all comes down to is merely trusting ourselves and what we inherently feel in the pit of our stomaches, our ‘gut feelings’.

The sensations of these sentiments come from the conscious connection we have to our Soul. Our Authentic Self, this is the root of who we are.

Living in our ‘Truth’ is the ultimate mission while we are here on this Earth, and in this present life.
Making our way to that truth is why we must, at some point in our existence, embrace change.

Acknowledging with courage that the unfamiliar and unconventional is where we must tread if we want to reach the quest of our journey.

It is not easy, moving away from our comfort zone to step our feet into something mysteriously unknown. Such a thought makes our heart pound, our head ache and our body shake.

This is how we physically react to our Ego thoughts, this is exactly what debilitates us from living in that beautiful, purposeful ‘truth’.

All of us must come to a new understanding, if we want to reach our potential for happiness and peace. Begin to work on your ‘courage’, in whatever way you can.

This is a good place to start, the secret is to just get going.