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Evict Any Unworthy Tenants

Evict Any Unworthy Tenants


The Ego is like a 7 story apartment building.

Each floor of this building has a specific energy center.

Each energy nucleus as we climb to the top of the building assists us in the evolution of our Soul. The first-floor apartment is connected to the root of who we are, here it is where we must learn to ground our self.

All humans living on the introductory level of the apartment building will embark on lessons bringing forward spiritual growth in regards to ‘Tribal Power’, in other words, what are the seat of your beliefs, what did you inherit from your ancestors?

When the Universe see’s fit and your exams are passed you will be moved to the second floor. This is where you will be asked to connect to your creativity, what is it you crave to create?

The second floor holds a powerful energy that we must truly learn to trust because it is where we also learn about relationships, who is in charge of your life, who makes decisions for you?

Your secondary apartment will also teach you about your relationship with the false power of money, how important is your material wealth and how much importance do you place on your prosperity? You may be living on the second floor longer than you thought!

Eventually, you move to the third floor which offers us an opportunity to work on our personal power, how healthy is your self-esteem, your self-worth, and your self-respect?

The energy in this apartment asks us to move with ease and trust as we begin to let go of our old outdated baggage, there is no room on the fourth floor for anything that does not serve a purpose.

This task will challenge you to your core, it is not easy to let go of what we have been protecting since we were a small child.

It is a time to reveal and release dark hidden secrets about your self, exposing your internal mysteries will plunge you into the depths of the abyss, it is no easy endeavor.

The third floor thankfully has been built especially to withstand the burdens of the energy that resides within its walls, you are well equipped to deal with any emotions that come to the surface, so you may terminate the negativity that is hidden within.

Do not be afraid your apartment on the third floor has means to protect you every step of the way. 


Much love and devotion

Annanda x