Home Enlivening Evict Any Unworthy Tenant (part three)

Evict Any Unworthy Tenant (part three)

Evict Any Unworthy Tenant (part three)


Now you are more equipped to speak the truth of who you are you are ready to move to the sixth floor of your spiritual apartment building.

Living and learning on the fifth floor was not as difficult as you thought it would be.

The teachings on how to say ‘no’ when you really want to and need to in particular, are going to be a fundamental part of how you live your life going forward now.

There is never a need to regret what you speak if you communicate with integrity, compassion and balance.

You have finally made it to the floor of the apartment that you were looking forward to the most.

This part of your living will allow you to become more familiar with your intuition.

It is here on this sixth level of your spiritual quest that you will learn how to become one with your intuitive nature and less observant of your egoistic mind.

The connection we have with our intuition is our direct link with our soul, it is through our gut feelings that our soul communicates with us.

This internal energy is the true spirit of who we are.

There are external forces constantly at play to assist us in becoming more in tune with our soul, these powerful energies are continually pushing to keep us on our divine path so we do not fall prey to our ego.

Synchronicity is all around you all the time, the key is to be aware of the messages they offer to you as it is the most inspiring guidance you will ever receive.

Once you have strengthened your intuition and you have practiced making decisions using the energy of your spirit nature then you will be ready to move to the seventh and final floor of the metaphysical apartment building.

It is on this level you will be asked to rest so you may reap the internal benefits of your hard work.

It hasn’t been easy packing up and moving so many times, the changes were difficult and tiring.

Each time you elevated to the next level in your spiritual apartment building you had to shed another layer or two of what was familiar to you before you started this elevation, you had no choice but to say goodbye to so many people, places and things.

Now you must rest your physical body, your mind and your soul, it is time to adjust to who you have become.

It is easy for you to feel authentic now, you have made peace with your soul, your ego is weak and has very little power over your thinking, this is a great achievement.

But, there must be time for reflection so you can finish mourning your past, nothing is the same as it was.

It can never be the same again. Gratitude fills every corner of your being, tears fall only for the purpose of allowing you to express your joy, no more pain, no more worry, only peace. 

Much love and devotion