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Emotional Vibes

Emotional Vibes


There is nothing that Empaths love more than being close to water.

Water is soothing, nourishing, calming and meditative.

If you are indeed an Empath then you already know the strength of your ties that are associtaed with water. 

Whether it be a lake, a river, a stream or the greatness of the sea you feel most at peace when you are surrounded by water. 

You feel the most alive when you can dip your feet and hands into water, heck maybe your most favorite thing to do is ‘the dishes’ 🙂

The emotional vibes of water allows us to connect with our intuition on a deeper level. 

The moon is connected to water, the tides of the ocean are ruled by the moons cycles, but so are we, we are ruled by the moons cycles also, and when the moon is full we crave watery places more. 

As an Empath taking a walk on the beach or beside a lake can be the best therapy for you when you are feeling ’emotional’.

Much love