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Emotional Energy


There is a certain vibe coming to us from the cosmos, a very strong and powerful vibe indeed.

The energy floating around each and every one of us at this time is asking a great deal from us.

Not from the external world in which we live, instead from the deep and interconnect part of us that belongs to our intuition.

This incredibly life-changing energy will have an influence for the next six months.

There is a vitality of fire in this energy, which is gifting us an enthusiastic liveliness, it is meant to ignite our spirit with a vibrancy beyond what we have experienced in the past.

This is about a reset for each of us, a new start in some or all area’s of our life. How do you want to project yourself to the world going forward, what adjustments have you been feeling a need to alternate behind the scenes, in the way you live your life?

Perhaps unbeknown to you there has been a dark shadow following you around for most of your life, this energy from the Universe is asking you now to acknowledge this darkness once and for all.

Where is it you are following old patterns in your daily life, how much of you lives by the daily regime of your Ego, how truly connected are you to the gift that resides within you?

This incredible energy that we are breathing at this time will be quite demanding of some, the intensity will be overwhelming and you may not have a chance to run.

Instead of trying to avoid what you feel, don’t panic, only be still so you may listen to your Soul for guidance, trust your intuitive authority, there is no better time.

What do you want from your life, what have you been asking for under your breath, where do you really belong in this world?

These are valuable questions to ask of yourself, put aside your ego arrogance, it has only created fear within your soul.

It is time now to release yourself from what has bound you from your unhappiness.

It is time for you to live from the heart of the lion, let the fire in energy which is circulating through your mind, body and soul ignite flames that are larger than life, let the light of those flames illuminate the way of a new path for you, the path you have meant to walk for the whole of your life.

The time has come to begin the process of finding your way to your true purpose, the very reason your soul choose this life experience.

Don’t be afraid, embrace the courage within you like never before, breath deeply to calm your soul. You can do this, now is the time.

Much love and devotion