What is our Ego?

Our mind is full, by the time we reach our 20’s we have filled our Ego with many false and distorted opinions about ourself and the world. 

These opinions rule how we live, how we act, how we make decisions and how we view our future. 

Our mind loves fear, our Ego relys on our fearful thoughts to survive. 

One radom day, and this happens to the best of us, something will happen to help you to begin ‘to change your mind’.

This radom event may be a divorce, an illness, an accident, or a death, however your radom day plays out, it is meant to be seen as an opportunity for you to ‘evolve’. 

The evolution of our Soul is the reason we have incarnated into this life existence. 

Every challenge is an opportunity for you to ‘undo’ what has filled your mind your whole life. 

Undoing what you have come to know as your truth is not easy, it will take courage and faith. 

You must disempower your Ego mind. 

You must begin to understand that what has filled your Ego has been inherited from other people and other sources. 

The evolution of your Soul requires you to find the truth of who you are, the pure essensce of you.