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E-Motion, Get Moving

E-Motion, Get Moving


A stirring deep inside our body progresses like a fast moving river after a torrential rainfall.

The motion of aroused senses become increasingly active and within minutes tears fill our eyes.

What has stimulated our Soul so deeply, why are we so emotionally-charged? There are many ways in which our Spirit becomes inspired, for each of us the inspiring is unique.

The gentle vibrational rhythms of a song, sweet and tender music, a theatre performance, a heartfelt poem or a movie may provoke our mind, whatever it is, creativity has a way of stimulating the senses of a human in deep and profound ways.

E-motions, are swift and rapid sensations deriving from circumstances or moods, feelings that become overwhelmed through instinct or intuitive reasoning, e-motions are intense responses from our Soul that are meant to be expressed, released and observed.

If we hold back, swallow and ignore our sentimental Self we are depriving our Spirit opportunities to express an authenticity that should not be kept secret.

Passion, compassion, warmth, excitement, sadness, sorrow, excitement and elation are bountiful offerings that come from our Soul, sentimental gifts to allow us the ability to express our Self from the core of our being.

Some humans on this earth are more turbulent than others, their hearts become heated, wildly explosive, emotions unrestrained, they have no trouble releasing their expressions from within.

Weeping, sobbing, wailing, tears are never enough for those who feel beyond infinity. What moves you to tears, what makes you shiver and shake with laughter, shriek and roar with anger or fear?

We would not be human if we knew nothing of emotion.

As I look into the sky I watch the clouds hover as they levitate magically overhead, their tender and kindly structures resemble images that arouse emotion, and so as I watch with wonderment, I begin to cry, beautiful tears of peaceful emotion, to be a human is a precious gift indeed. 

Much love and devotion