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Don’t Let The Heavy Weight You Down

Don’t Let The Heavy Weight You Down


We humans carry so much weight on our shoulders, not only is our head hefty with the thoughts we breed, our bulky responsibilities, daily routines and tasks are a great weight to support as well.

Why do we take life so seriously when we are wise enough to know that anything we try to control will only end upside down and disrupted?

The messages we have accumulated in our mind about our self and how we should live our lives are the culprit, while most of these messages are based on someone else’s fears we believe them to be our own, most often we never question the authenticity of these fears for our self.

Heaven forbid there might be a disruption in our daily routine, anything which causes a disturbance or a problem can run our train right off its tracks and land our life in disarray.

Some humans have their life so tightly wound every minute of their wake time is allocated to doing something, those who never have time to simply relax are the ones which won’t feel good about themselves if they are not busy, what a tragedy.

Perhaps the reality is it isn’t until we get older we begin to appreciate spare time and we’re not as hard on our self as we used to be.

What age do we consider growing older to take the cue to find time to rest, for each of us the number will be different? If only there was a simple solution to train our mind differently, so we could ease the heavy that weights us down.

Maybe solving the problem isn’t as difficult as we think it is, maybe dealing with the heaviness is as easy as just ‘changing our mind’. In other words we our self-have the ability to decide what we think, we can think in a negative tone or a positive one, the resolution is ours alone.

Maybe it will be today you decide to make a settlement with your mind, turn the master switch in another direction, everything you think make it positive in some capacity, it actually isn’t difficult to achieve.

Don’t let the heavy weight you down, turn your thoughts around instead, there is always so much to be thankful for even when the weight on your shoulders feels too much to bear.

Let today be a happy day for you dear Soul, you more than anyone deserves this. 

Much love and devotion