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Don’t Change Your Mind

Don’t Change Your Mind


‘Anything is possible’, we hear these words all the time from motivative speakers, we read these words in books and we hear it on social media, it is made to sound so easy, ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’, we hear that one as well.

The simple fact is, yes, these statements are very true.

Our ego is our biggest obstacle, it will take a big bite out of anything that you set your sights on, the ego is the opposite of courage.

Our ego exists only in the negative energy of fear, nothing else.

When you are ready to start something new, which was a challenge, to begin with, having to find the courage to move outside of your comfort zone is not an easy task and a difficult one to overcome.

But you did it, only to confront your ego the first day of your new adventure.

Your nerves ended up taking away the glory of your triumph, and you questioned yourself for the whole of the day.

Maybe you didn’t even get to the start gate of your recent resolution, your egos sabotage was more than you could handle, and so your mind that was made up has changed direction.

Each of us has something that we would secretly love to do.

Maybe you have told the world about it at some point or another if you are an open person and like to share, but there will be others of you that haven’t told a soul, your secret wish is tightly tucked away in a safe and secure place deep inside of you.

Either way, the wish is that someday you fulfil your secret desire and live happily ever after.

The fantasy of our deep inner yearnings is no fable story, let us keep it simple and say ‘dreams do come true’, this is indeed a fact.

The key to remember and this will be your most treasured tool in succeeding towards your new commitment, is recognize when your ego is ready to pounce and take a bite.

Shut the negative chatter down and bring your focus back to positive thoughts of courage, faith and trust.

Don’t bail on that tiny little seed you planted so long ago, when the time comes for you to take a leap of faith, it simply means your tiny seed is ready to grow and you are ready to step into the world in a different, new and exciting way.


May You Find Truth