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Do You Feel Confined?

Do You Feel Confined?


Does it seem like you are doing time in confinement only in your case without the bars that lock you in a prison?

Life can feel very restricting sometimes and often in some situations there doesn’t seem to be any way out.

Do you ever wonder how you ended up in your current situation and do you daydream about an escape route that will allow you to exit without harming anyone, especially your self?

Humans are good at getting locked into corners that never end up being round, it seems to happen without our knowledge, or at least we aren’t conscious of what we are getting our self into until it’s a bit too late.

The corners seem to be easy to find, but the way out is always a difficult task and it might seem frightening to some.

Whether it is a partner, a job, a house or a friend any of these scenarios can be causing us grief, enough for us to want to make a change but how do we begin?

If you are already aware that something doesn’t feel right in your life, then rest be assured you have already started the process of change.

If you are consciously perceiving a situation in your life that is alerting you to some internal discomfort, then you have awakened something inside of you that you will not be able to ignore ever again.

If this is indeed the case in your life then you very well have two choices to make at some point; to stay in your current situation and do more time, or you find the courage to execute change!

Doing more time will surely weaken and shrink your spirit, your Soul will shrivel further than it already has and your physical vessel will begin to react more and more to your unhappy state.

Why would do you want to do this to your Self, why do you feel you are not worthy enough to step away from what is not healthy for you?

I know you may be consumed with fear thinking about trying to implement a change in your current situation, your Ego will be reminding you of a  thousand reasons why making something different would be a bad idea but surely this life experience isn’t supposed to cause you an absolute lifetime of misery and unhappiness!

Quite the contrary because it is within our internal pain and recognizing the hurtfulness which it causes us, we are meant to see it as an opportunity to grow and evolve.

We are not meant to prolong doing time once we are aware of the restrictions a situation (person, place or thing) is causing. 

Much love and devotion