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Decisions To Be Made

Decisions To Be Made


There isn’t a single day when we are not faced with some sort of decision making. 

Whether the choices we make are as simple as what to eat for breakfast or something perhaps much more life-enhancing, relying on our intuition to make the bigger decisions takes an incredible amount of faith. 

Where does faith come from, and how do we learn to trust it? 

The process of understanding your mind is a good place to start if you want to assimilate the awareness which will bring about a deeper perception of who you are exactly.

We grow to believe we are the thoughts in our head and much of what we have been taught is distorted beliefs of how we should live our life. 

These thoughts of ours dominate how we interpret who we are and what we are. 

Very little, if any exposure at all comes to you in the way of spiritual teachings, the kind of influence which would grant you expanded awareness beyond your ego. 

The Soul is seldom spoken about, I myself don’t remember a time when I was younger that I took the word seriously, never mind that I would actually think what it meant. 

Speaking of the Soul comfortably with anyone requires courage, the courage enough to just be yourself, don’t you think? 

Decisions usually require you to make a choice, the possibility of one thing or the option of another, for us humans bringing about change is an agonizing process. 

The activity we engage in within the process is the most important segment of all. 

When a decision needs to be made we initiate an internal war and two very distinct players are ready to fight until the end. 

The Soul wears a suit of armor made with the finest integrity, the Ego, on the other hand, plays dirty with sharpened tools of manipulation and fear. 

The battle between the enemies may rage for several days, maybe even months, the physical vessel of the human may realize symptoms the toll of the fight is taking. 

There is great care which needs to be taken when we are all consumed in the decision making process sleep and good food are required to fuel the body. 

The clash between the ego and the intuition is the toughest part of the journey, once the conqueror is recognized and the war is over the decision will have been made. It is the inner war inside of you that has to happen before you are ready to make a choice, this is the hardest part of all. 

Once the decision is made something wonderful occurs.

Much love and devotion