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Courage And Hope

Courage And Hope


It is not for me to judge another human beings life path. Nor is it for me to enforce my will on anyone who is journeying in this life experience, everyone must have the freedom to trek their path in their own way.

It is only for me to ‘hope’ that we can all embrace the life force energy of courage. To hold faith in our heart that we are worthy of all the goodness that this world has to offer us. To know without a doubt that we are completely able to love who we are, where we are in this moment. To accept that we may faultier on our journey, two steps forward, one step back, after all, we are only human.

Be considerate with yourself – and with your higher consciousness come to understand that nothing is ever a ‘mistake’. That every experience creates a new space for us to grow from. Allow yourself to mourn the place of where you were. This will open your Soul to giving you permission to move to the new place of where you need to be.

Nothing need be a struggle, only our Ego knows pain. Our Soul always has our best intention at the core of what we need to learn. Smile through the frown of the burdens that life brings to you for we are here because we chose to come. Therefore it is our responsibility to bring to our lives what we so desire.

Placing blame brings nothing but drama to our outer existence, from this place we can not ever thrive to become all that we are meant to be. Move away from the people, places and the things that tear away at your positive energy. A negative of anything is completely contrary and opposing, it is no wonder it makes us feel defeated at times.

Leave behind those that refuse and reject you as you begin to climb, your mountain has no place for people who recklessly want to pull you back. 

Stand in your ‘Truth’, believe in yourself, don’t ever give up, because you are worthy of ‘joy rising’. Let the shedding of your tears be the expression of beliefs that no longer validate who you are any longer. Dust off your hiking boots and get back on the path towards your mountain. You are a warrior in every aspect of the word.

Much love and devotion