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Consciousness Craves Solitude

Consciousness Craves Solitude


When you think of what consciousness means, do you understand that it is a state in which you begin to realize the true value of life through the Soul of your Self that has been redefined.

Becoming aware of our inherited ego thoughts and patterns, allows us to discern then which parts of our Self we must learn to recognize as redundant and of no use.

Only then are we able to fully step into the world as we intended, for this reincarnation. Solitude is a creative art, one which our Soul craves as we voyage and explore the new regions of our spirit, the more conscious we become of the western world the more we find peace in retreating to spaces that provide us with aloneness.

Do not be concerned with your unique ability to be alone, for it is part of the process of your spiritual quest, to becoming whole and separate from your Ego.

This will be no exotic journey, there will be no sail boat to float you to flamboyant beaches in far away lands, instead this gallant and mystical path you walk will test your mental and emotional facilities to the depths of your inner core.

During these times on your spiritual journey you will desire only the presents of your self, a small and quiet corner, or a large and dense forest, solitude will be what you crave the most, it will be all that you desire.

As your state of consciousness grows so does your thirst for times of seclusion, opportunities to withdraw from a world you have never really understood.

The suffering is more clear to you now and at times it overwhelms and exasperates with an intensity that is more than you can tolerate.

People don’t understand your need to be alone, thankfully the members of your Tribe provide the encouragement that soothes your anguish.

When we become aware, our purpose given life is never the same as it was, it would be foolish to think that the life we have is a life we could sustain after consciousness. Once you ‘see’ what was once behind a vail, everything changes internally, forever.

Your advanced inner knowledge may seem like a curse when it is pristine and unfamiliar, but it will take no time at all to adjust to the extraordinary peace that it reveals to your Soul.

If you are craving solitude at this time, embrace the ‘feelings’ and know that something incredibly magnificent is transforming inside of you, don’t be afraid, instead let the child in you indulge in the excitement. 

Much love