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Chronicles of Love

Chronicles of Love


Love has many meanings. Some may say they feel a sweet sense of affection, others experience a deep romantic attachment to someone, a feeling of tenderness and warmth to relish in.

To have a great interest and pleasure in something, savouring passion, relishing in comfort and tenderness; is this love??

Love has many colours. Our lives are often deeply influenced by the tone, shade and the hue of colour that love leaves on our hearts. From the tone that a full bloom of flowers gives to an empty room, to an exaggerated, tainted stain that darkens even the presence of a bright and blush aura.

Love has been known to change the colour of our Soul in a blink of an eye. One word, one gesture, one look, one motion can turn a sparkle of light, to darkness inside of who we are, in a breath.

Love can be kind and love can be cruel. Having love in our heart can change everything. Pleasure or pain, we are constantly seeking for love, searching in every corner, we are so programmed to find attachment.

Our desire for true love has the strongest pull of any other emotion that we will experience, and yet when we find love, every emotion we have tried to avoid, is right there in front of us. Love is like that, emotional on every level of a human beings capacity.

What makes love so important when it is so volatile? Why does our craving for love take over our mind, twisting our Ego into distorted shapes of images that make no sense. When the longing, yearning and desire to be loved has such power and authority over us, self control then becomes a phenomenon.

Our existence in this life, on this planet, in this world is but of very few reasons. Why are we here, you might ask! To experience love is the answer every time. But the question has a twist, there is a secret component to the answer, one that not many people discover, even if they search to the ends of the world.

Despite what may seem confusing, it really is quite simple – the love you have been searching for, wandering aimlessly for, has been with you the whole of time. The love that you crave is inside of you, the key is to connect with that love so it can give you the antidote to subside the yearning, so you can just enjoy the endearment.