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Change, A Dirty Word

Change, A Dirty Word


Change, we humans shudder at the thought, what a nasty word and how ridiculous to think that anything in my life actually needs to change, ‘everything is fine’. 

If any of you reading this blog have an ailment of any kind, whether it be a full-blown illness, or something as simple as an ear infection, a sore neck, an ingrown toenail or an itchy scalp,

I can guarantee that there is something going on in your life that is out of balance.

We are meant to use our physical body as a vessel, to enable us to travel spiritually in this life experience, the problem is if we are not traveling properly or even at all on our spiritual quest, our vessel at some point will begin to cease up, just like a car would if left in a garage idol for a number of years.

What if you were to trust that every ache and pain in your body had something more to tell you than just something to complain about!

We are a human vessel made up of skin, bone, muscle, a circulatory system, and some pretty major organs, but we are also an incredibly vast array of energy as well.

Just because we can not see the energy that rotates within and without our body doesn’t mean it does not exist.

If the energies of the oceans are out of balance they become destructive tornado’s, if the energies in our physical body become unstable it creates an illness.

When something inside of us becomes unhinged enough to cause us sickness or disease it’s time to make a change.

So what is the lesson here, would it be safe to say there may be a more natural remedy to help heal what ails us, I do believe so.

Everyone should know a little something about the energies that travel within their bodies, this knowledge should be as mainstream as learning how to drive a car.

If more people adopted the concept that every physical complaint had something to teach them about change, there would be less of a requirement for medicine, drugs (and alcohol).

If you want to heal where you are hurting physically then it is time for you to understand where you are hurting emotionally, obviously, your internal energies are out of order.

Don’t wait another day longer, embrace the courage to do something to help yourself, if you don’t, no one will.

Much love