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Build New Foundations

Build New Foundations


As humans the incredible creatures we are, we were born with many gifts, such treasures as the ability to communicate, rationalize, create and modernize. 

But our most valuable aptitude of all is our intrinsic impulse to grow, expand, evolve and transform, for the good of our Soul. Within these next twelve months of newness ahead of us what vows are you making for the betterment of your Spirits evolution?
What dreams do you wish to make your reality? Limiting habits must see the end of their time in order for you to embrace the courage to move forward into the more current life that you so desire. 
Some of us make resolutions, at the stroke of twelve midnight while ringing in the new year, we pledged to make better. Bold and personal improvements to raise the level of our vibration, we vowed to shake our own foundations, with hopes the tremors will crack open our hidden pandora’s box. 
We must resist reaching for the highest mountain at the start gate and begin to climb with ease the smaller hills first, this will guarantee more meaningful results. 
The training comes first before the mountain peak is conquered. Don’t let the hard preparation discourage your quest for growth, it is only a necessary process if you are going to do it right. Instead let the modest wins, the ‘one foot at a time’ achievements bring you the encouragement you need to keep the momentum going. 
And all the while as you trek your journey, chant to yourself ‘I know I can, I know I can…..’, because I, yes me Annanda, know full well you most certainly can. 
This year 2019 is going to be about building new foundations for our selves, the energy of this new year is asking us to take leaps of faith like we never have before. 
What is it you dream of for yourself, because whatever it is, it is truly time to go for it. 
Much love and devotion