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Use The Breath

Use The Breath


Just breathe, I know I’ve said this to many a client for one reason or another.

The breath is a tool we can use to help us calm our senses, and it does actually work.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, that might be alarming and disturbing to your mind, using your breathing to calm your insides is very useful indeed. 

It might sound silly to think that a few breaths can deflect an energy that has seemingly taken over your entire body, and bring you back to centre, how absurd, but it is very true.

The breathe we know can be very calming, if you have ever been overly anxious or if you have ever had an anxiety attack, concentrating on the breath can literally save the situation.  

I myself use my breath to deflect negative thoughts that might arise.

It is important to remember, ‘everything we need for any situation in our life, is in our inner tool box’, your work is to trust what you know to be the truth and just breathe.