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(Be)lieve In (You)rself

(Be)lieve In (You)rself


Believing in our self is the hardest thing to do, at least most definitely one of the top ten biggest life challenges we will come to face.

In order to believe in our own personal power, we must come to terms with surrendering and the art of surrender is what we always find our self-backing away from.

To cease resistance for a human may feel the same as halting all existence, we don’t know how to be submissive to our Soul, we are governed largely by our Ego.

The mind says we would crumble, collapse and fall apart if we were to completely let go, who would we be if it were not for the fears that keep us glued together.

But there are flaws within this system, weaknesses, and limitations, defects in the adhesive substance and occasionally we get a glimpse of life beyond our trepidations.

And it is in these momentary and brief absences of our Ego thoughts which allow us to feel something else, something more. Better, we think to our self, is it possible, am I worthy enough to even dream of something better, as the days go by we begin to presume and imagine.

Acceptance of something new is to put our trust in a power greater than our self, to hand over our confidence to an energy that is all too unfamiliar is absurd the Ego chants, but we deduce and conclude the opposite and so it is.

Be patient with the part of you that wants to grow, everything in its time lay low for a while and just observe, there is so much information in the behaviour of others that will help to crack you open. Inside the hard shell of an egg is all the nourishment a human needs to survive, hunting to find the egg is the difficult challenge.

Don’t let any nook or cranny go without a peek, because every rock you overturn has clues to assist you in believing in the best of who you are.

Much love and devotion