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Believe In Magic

Believe In Magic


Believe in magic because I know there is such a thing, I have proven the evidence, and I know somehow and somewhere in this life’s journey, you have too.

Magic is the power of influence that can effect the course of an event, supernatural and mysterious forces are involved to make that fascinating and captivating, wonderful and exciting moment in time occur.

Wizardry and voodoo, both are words that we might turn our back to, society might say that it is all hog wash, the notion of such things as making objects appear out of no-where and spirits from the cosmos trying to make contact with us.

If we didn’t believe in the enchantment of magic and the idea that if we ‘wish upon a star’ to make our desires come true, life might be a bit duller and little less whimsical, oh dear!.

Maybe it isn’t magic you believe in, perhaps it is something even more supernatural, all the better, but it is important I think to believe in something, a power greater than ourselves, to help us navigate our way through this life experience and especially to help us survive on this often unstable planet.

The fascinating lure of what we can’t often see with our naked eye is irresistibly spellbinding, don’t you agree?

It might be the spell of magic that allows us to connect with our own spirit, the part of us that we don’t see as the physical, but we certainly feel it’s essence deep inside.

Enthusiasm is often difficult to come by, that eager and intense passion that we feel when we discover an interest that lights a fire in our belly.

What is so inappropriate about the embodiment of a belief such as magic, even if we can’t touch it or glimpse it!

Allow yourself to imagine, that occasionally from time to time and perhaps once in a while you might experience something quite mystical, an event that you can’t explain, but it happened just for you to witness, possibly to ignite a fire in your belly.

May you find Truth