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Being Alive Is A Gift

Being Alive Is A Gift


We humans tend to lock our treasures away in cubboards, drawers, closets and chests.

Always with the intention that someday there will be an occassion special enough, to unlock these treasures and bring them out for all to see.  

We spend money on stuff we hide away, terribly afraid it might get broken or stolen or worn out before its time.

The irony in our behaviour is saddening, because when we leave this earthly plane the contents of our cubboards, drawers, closets and chests are sold or given away, they have no use for those who are left after our death.

My message today is this, don’t deny yourself the beauty of what you treasure, reveal what you love and admire today and everyday. Unlock your cubboards, drawers, closets and chest and bring out into the light of day what you love to gaze upon. 

Allow your treasures to bring you joy now, don’t wait until something special comes along, for those times are often few and far between.