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Becoming Enlightened

Becoming Enlightened


To be enlightened is to be open-minded, well-informed and spiritually aware.

The path to enlightenment is a long and winding trail. There will be many obstacles to overcome, boulders to climb and people who will challenge your intentions.

Some of us, at some point in our life, we will sense a deep calling within us. This feeling inside of us is our life force, our Soul, that is ready to grow.

The immaterial part of our human existence, our emotional nature and sense of identity, eventually must reveal the need to elevate.

Some of what we have been conditioned to believe, our Tribal Power must be challenged.

The intensity of what we might be feeling inside of us, the disruption and enthusiasm will depend on you.

Soul Work is a commitment, because once you enter the realm of your spiritual psyche, your inner self, you can not go back.

You must be ready to embrace and engage in the most difficult, demanding, exhausting and wearisome accomplishment you may have ever faced in your life.

If you do, if you surrender to your Soul and the Universe, you will become to understand your self, your life and the world around you in a more meticulous and conscientious way.

You will be given the opportunity to learn how pay greater attention to the details of your life in a way that you never thought was possible.

If you are ready to elevate and evolve in a way that will blow your mind and move you closer to becoming enlightened, then say ‘yes’ to that voice deep inside of you, the whispers that you hear calling your name, and don’t be afraid.

You will be well taken care of if you trust and have faith in a power greater than yourself.