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Beauty and the Beach

Beauty and the Beach


You are the beauty and I know if you are Empathic, you love the beach.

Empaths are drawn to water, water represents our emotions and Sensitives are all about emotions and emotional responses. 

Water can be very soothing for a sensitive person, even having your hands in the sink while doing the dishes can be as effective as meditating for some (Me ūüôā

Laying in a nice relaxing bath or standing in the shower are favourite pass times for Empathics.

Gift yourself a walk on the beach, bury your feet in the sand and paddle away in the water, it might be just what you need to soothe your Soul. 

If you live in the city and there is no beach to be found, find a tree to sit under. Plant the base of your spine into the roots of the tree (visualize this), close your eyes and breath, ahhhhhhh what a feeling.