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Be Yourself

Be Yourself


We must learn to be honest with who we are, then we will know how to practice self-confidence.

Be true of yourself, especially when you are engaging in conversation.

Our acts of speech and behaviour are individual representations of ourselves, so always keep it real.

We should never feel we have to apologize for ourselves at any given moment.

If we are authentic and we fully believe we are, then everything we say is a reflection of that authenticity within us. 

Feeling good in your own shoes is a blessing and one that many people don’t have, so when those shoes are a perfect fit you know without a doubt that you have no trouble honouring your Spirit.

When the shoe fits, you know you have treasured and taken really good care of your Soul’s intentions.

It takes courage to be self-assured, and courage is hard to come by at any time in our lives, so if you have an optimistic attitude congratulate yourself for your true grit.

There will always be a want deep inside of us to connect to that little place of fearlessness, that exciting ball of energy that is so much a part of who we are.

It is deep, desirable energy that pushes us to step outside of our comfort zone and the societal restrictions that increasingly are trying to restrain us from just being ourselves.

We are taught from the start to act a certain way, to communicate what is expected of us and to live in a way society deems acceptable, but that way of life just doesn’t fit everyone.

Do you feel like you’re living a movie sometimes, acting and playing with a prewritten script? Is it time for us to wash away the conditioning that has been placed upon our minds once and for all?

It’s time to rise above what frightens us to death! Let’s free our Spirit and allow ourselves to express the trueness of our Soul.

We should be able to do this with ease and integrity, and we shouldn’t ever have to feel alone. 

You are perfect just the way you are, and all of your imperfections make you beautiful in your own unique way.

You were born with a magical, fascinating and alluring Soul. Let loose the chains and free yourself so you can shine today and every day forward.

Be yourself, and respect and honour the truth of who you are. Speak your truth, trust your actions, be confident and begin to observe the way your life unfolds, perhaps in ways that have only been a dream in the past.

Much love and devotion