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As You Lay Asleep At Night

As You Lay Asleep At Night


I didn’t get much sleep last night, which isn’t unusual for me, so it’s mornings like this I begin to realize how overrated sleep can actually be sometimes because I love when I dream.

I welcome my dreams as I would a beautifully wrapped gift left at my door. There is so much wisdom and insight to be gained from the time we spend deep in our dreams.

There are very few modalities our Soul can utilize to send us messages of intelligence about our Self and our life, dreams are a quality the Soul can use to get our attention.

At times dreaming can be annoying, we humans like to have control and when we are kept stirring in our beds at night with series of thoughts, images and sensations in our mind that keep us awake, we might miss the point altogether.

Dreams are synchronicity as well I believe, often at times just as difficult to decipher as the messages that come to us while we are awake.

Nightmares frighten us, we wake up in sweat and fear feeling confused, ‘what was the message in that’, we might ask our self?

Sigmund Freud regarded dreams as ‘the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious’, but he had little to say about nightmares.

Actually, the term nightmare was never used by Freud, anxiety dreams is the term he used and although he has written little about them, they do serve a purpose of insight into our deep inner psyche.

Our dreams are an awakening of our Soul, brief moments that often seem like hours prior to waking.

Are dreams meant to be a fulfilment of wishes for us, what we might pray for or in asking the Universe for guidance our Soul brings us dreams to ponder?

Whatever the case I do believe that our dreams are gifts of advice presents from the unknown to make us question and think outside of our limited belief patterns.

We will dream when we are in need of guidance, and very often our Spirit will connect with the cycles of the Moon to arouse our unconsciousness to a more intense degree.

So when the moon is full and you lay fast asleep in your bed, no doubt you are downloading information in the way of a dream.

Don’t be afraid to dig deeper into the why and what for when you wake in the morning, for even the darkest dreams provide us with valuable insight. 

Much love and devotion