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Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?


The way our human mind works it is a wonder we are able to feel happy at all.

Our ego is a master at talking us into how and when we will be happy and most of this perception pertains to the future.

‘I will be happy when….’, is the opening mantra and then the futuristic event that’s going to make us happy fills in the gap.

There is many a person that has great difficulty tuning into what is taking place around them at the moment they become aware of it.

It’s easy for us to laugh, smile or chuckle at an individual or an event that is taking place, our display of sentiments may even last a few minutes but before long we are back to indulging in our thinking mind again and those momentary feelings of joy are lost.

A state of healthy well-being is meant to bless us regardless of what is going on around us. Even when bad things happen are we truly meant to give up and struggle more, or can we find some way to be humbly grateful for our life?

Events will turn our world upside down, things will happen in our life that tear us apart, living a human existence can be a deeply fearful, ungratifying and unappreciated experience at times, but during those measures of time are we meant to become broken and live unhappily forever?

Happiness is derived when contentment creeps in, contentment is achieved when you begin to understand the reason for your existence, and understanding the reason for your existence makes much more sense when you become aware of your mind and the difference between it and your intuitive nature.

Your happiness is the diploma that comes in the mail when you graduate from your Soul Work, the guts and gore of the great ‘un-doing’, the ultimate course that grants you the true meaning of life, so if you haven’t signed up for this course yet maybe it is time?

Maybe, just maybe you are tired of not being happy, so much so you are now willing to do something about it. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you used to be happy, don’t you remember? 

Much love and devotion