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Are You Enrolled In Earth School?

Are You Enrolled In Earth School?


There is no skipping a grade here on Earth, you can’t cheat on an exam because every day there is a lesson to learn. What kind of a student you are, depends on you. 

There will be some humans that loath school and lack the discipline to take it seriously, these students will find it difficult to adjust to this human life existence thinking they have only been born to have a good time, party on and live it up. 

There will be quite a few of these people who will end up with illnesses, some of them serious enough to end their lives more quickly than they had planned. 

These Souls will be required to come and start their schooling from the beginning again in their next life. 

There will be other students who are uniquely stubborn, they begin their schooling with stiff and rigid mindsets, never bending the rules of their belief systems as they march in straight lines only. 

It will take a major upset to wake them up from the fog of their conditioned behaviours, but when catastrophe strikes they begin their conscious awakening with arms wide open, very willing to acquire the knowledge they are meant to master here in this lifetime, they eventually become some of the best students in Earth school. Here in this world in which we live, there is never a time when you are not meant to be learning something. 

With so many Soul Contracts to fulfill, agreements to enter into and with all of our responsibilities to the commitments we made before we agreed to this life existence, there isn’t much time for school holidays, even when we truly feel like we need a break, something comes along to teach us yet again another lesson. 

Earth is an institution for the purpose of educating our Soul, it is up to us to become consciously aware of the particular instructions that will be required to bring us into higher learning. Discipline, courage, and faith will be required at all times, this is a must. 

If you haven’t yet signed up for ‘Earth School’ please do so immediately, so you may begin to reap the benefits. 

There is nothing more rewarding for your Soul and your physical vessel than raising your vibrational energies by studying and training on how to live out your karmic lessons.

The new paradigm we are submerged in at this present time is asking all of us to become more conscious, so we may rise up and out of old beliefs that no longer serve our society.

 It only takes one person to change the masses. 

Much love and devotion