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Are You A Natural ‘Healer’?

Are You A Natural ‘Healer’?


Do you have a natural purpose in the World as a Healer, a Mentor or a Spiritual Teacher?

Empaths, if you are one (and if you are on my website reading this, yes, you are one), you have come into this life experience with a divine purpose.

I am quite sure you already know this, as you have felt a yearning most of your life that there is something you are meant to be doing, but you have no idea what!

A great deal of internal healing must be achieved before you yourself can become a ‘Healer’ in the World. 

Empaths come with an adgenda for many harsh lessons, challenges that are emotionally difficult, there is a divine reason for this.

The Universe asks that you heal from your karmic lessons so you can step into your ‘purpose’. 

Your Soul is indeed different from the masses, you are not like anyone else, you have an individuality that is unique becasue you are meant to make a difference in the World in some important way. 

Your work is to beleive in yourself, trust the Universal power, embrace bravery and know you are not alone, you have your Guides working with you and you have the energies of spirit assisting you also.