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Are You A Morning Person?

Are You A Morning Person?


I know there are lots of you out there that dislike getting out of bed in the morning.

How do I know? 

I can ‘feel’ the resistance from you when you first become conscious and open your eyes.

Energy has a lot to tell us, and when there is refusal in the air, some of us can feel it even from far away.

Snuggled under your warm and cozy blankets, it isn’t easy to face the day when it is still dark outside.

I get up with my inner alarm clock every morning around about 4:00am.

I love that time of day because the air is very still and so is the collective energy.

Early morning is when I feel the most ebullient. Early rising has come naturally to me since I was a small child, and I still enjoy it to this day.

I love starting out at the unusual hour that I do, there is something very unique about the ‘before sunrise’ hours, I can’t really explain in words, perhaps it is the optimistic buoyancy, the uplifting force of the energy that I feel, it holds an essence of deep and strong resilience within it.

Everything that I have read tells me that early rising is very good for our health.

Just like the old saying, ‘early to bed, early to rise’, sometimes the old stuff that people have written is the best advice.

Just like anything, new habits can be formed if we make a practice of it.

Morning people have been known to earn higher grades on their tests and exams.

Early risers are more proactive and dynamic in their daily progress, and people who are active in the early morning are more likely to anticipate problems and minimize them efficiently.

Early to get out of bed people, tend to use their morning quiet time for organization, goal-setting, and planning, which leads to greater successes in their lives.

Waking up early to exercise boosts our moods and fitness provides energy that allows us to move through our day with greater ease.

Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, your body will be more in tune with the earth’s constant rhythms, which offers more restorative sleep.

I’m not knocking all of you night owls out there, you are the unique ones that are linked with creativity and intelligence, but studies have shown that you are more likely to exhibit traits like depression, pessimism, and neurosis, which can make you a little overanxious, nervous and tense.

I suppose the moral of my story is this; why not try going to bed a little earlier, so you are able to rise and shine a little earlier too.

Try it and see what happens, I highly recommend it.



May you find Truth