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Anxiety And The Trouble It Causes

Anxiety And The Trouble It Causes


Anxiousness and anxiety effect Empaths and Sensitives more than anyone else in the population. 

Highly sensitive personalities can suffer from anxiety often on a daily basis for most of their lives. 

Understanding the primary cause which triggers the anxiousness is fundamental in healing the inflicting and imposing symptoms which can rob a human of their personal power.

 Fear can be crippling to some but for Empaths and Sensitives fear can deprive and destroy. 

If there is a belief you are holding onto the inside of yourself that causes you to be fearful, the energy around the belief gets triggered and can cause you to feel anxious. 

Highly sensitive people are more affected by energy, not only external energies but internal energies also, than other people and this is why they suffer from anxiety more than most. 

Anxiety is real, it is debilitating, unpleasant and frightening, those who’s energies build to the point of anxiousness suffer a great deal, usually in silence. 

No one who has anxiety wants to talk about it, they may feel embarrassed or worse, they may feel there is something mentally wrong with them. 

When a person has been conditioned to believe and trust in a fact, something that is known to be true, whatever that fact might be, if it causes the person to become fearful with stress and worry, the symptoms of anxiety begin to actualize. 

The more the person becomes anxious the more the fear grows, the stronger the fear becomes the person feels less in control and anxious symptoms come to the surface. 

The Ego is the root cause of fear. When we are able to trust our intuition there is no need to fear our life. 

Whatever it is you are holding onto that is no longer true about yourself, you have to find a way to disempower it, once you disable the untrustworthy belief and turn that energy into self-confidence you can rid yourself of your anxiousness and anxiety. 

You must first believe there is nothing wrong with you, you must first come to understand yourself as an Empath and highly Sensitive person, both of which are a beautiful gift and not a curse to be feared, nor are they a default in who you are as a person.

Much love and devotion