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Most of us search for our true ‘purpose’ our whole life.

Some of us are successful in our quest and we are able to step into what it is we came here to do.

Each of us has something to offer other human beings collectively, we each have soemthing to offer the planet at the same time.

In late 2009 my life shifted radically and my spiritual journey was ignited, a few months later I had a kundalini awakening, this experience was so profound it changed my life forever more. 

In 2011 Annanda Healing Place was born.

Since that time I have not only been treking my own spiritual journey, I have been assisting many other people with what I have been learning along the way, this past 8 years. 

My work at Annanda has been the most rewarding time of my life. 

My 3 children have benefited their Souls from my own evolutional process, what an amazing gift to be a witness to, to see my children learn, grow and expand because I took a radical leap of faith several years ago.