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Accepting The Flow Of Life

Accepting The Flow Of Life


We get upset when things don’t go our way.

What about just going with the way things are?

The Universe holds the blueprint to our life, there is a time for everything and everything in its time, some things we just can’t rush no matter how hard we pray, or try our best to manifest.

We know free will sometimes get us into trouble, our Ego voice manipulates us with it’s trickery talking us into or out of places, people and things, and often what should be a natural part of our path, when we sway too far to the left (our thinking) the Universe and our Guides try their best to swing us back to the right (intuition).

We don’t often listen to this divine guidance, our stubbornness or arrogance gets in the way and we neglect to be aware of the signs.

Life is an expedition of un-doing, we spend the first many years from when we are born filling up our mind with junk and then we are meant to spend the rest of our life filtering and purging what we no longer want or are willing to believe, lots of that junk gets or is suppose to be discarded.

Letting go and surrendering our attachments to your junkyard can be as painful as pulling your own teeth.

As painful in a sense that our physical body will often react to the extraction as much as our emotional body does as well, both are equally as sore to our Soul.

Stress is a word we use far too often, but do we really know what it means? When we emphasize or place importance on a thought, which is something the Ego has conjured up and very likely involves worry, tension, and pressure, our internal energies are pulled into the vortex of that mind impression and our body automatically reverts to fight or flight mode.

What we know about fight or flight is our body reacts to an involuntary response to stress in which the hormone adrenaline is secreted into the blood, this hormone is like a burst of human jet fuel and can cause some terrible symptoms if it is secreted too much and all too often.

Who talks you into stress, your Ego does for the pure joy of keeping you locked in your behaviours, the last thing your Ego wants is for you to work at disempowering its energy.

The next time you feel stress or you have the symptoms of an adrenaline rush, be ‘aware’ of what you are thinking, stop worrying turn your thoughts around as quickly as you can and know that all is well, you will save your physical vessel and your emotions a lot of unnecessary fatigue if you can. 

Much love and devotion