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Accept Your Defeats

Accept Your Defeats


Learn how to build your roads on today, because tomorrows ground is too uncertain for plans, and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight anyway.

With your head up and your eyes open and with the grace of who you are, begin to accept your defeats, not as any kind of failure but as a lesson and a message, of where your direction is leading you, going forward.


After a while, we learn, that even sunshine burns if we get too much, so it’s up to us to decorate our own Soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring us flowers, plant your own garden and nurture your own Spirit.

You must come to understand that you really are strong, and you really do have worth and with every mis-take on life, you learn and learn and learn again.

With every ‘good-bye’, there is a lesson in it, the Universe doesn’t make us suffer for no good reason. We are here to evolve, end of story.

We are not here to simply live in a humans life, and as complicated as that already is, the journey to the centre of our Soul is much more complex.

The difference’s between existing in a human life and experiencing a life of our Souls evolution, are surmountable.

Undeniably serial are the synchronicities, conscious attention is needed to light up the way of your spiritual path, unconscious neglect will only keep you chained in your human life.

What will you choose for the remainder of your time here on Earth?

Will you begin to accept your defeats, stop being so ridiculously stubborn, uncompromising and perverse, will you begin to understand the will of your Ego mind and begin to think outside of your inherited patterns, most of which are internal negative dialogues that have not served you any diamonds on any silver lined platter!

The more inflexible you become, the further you will sink into the command of your Ego’s desires, then what will become of you?

There are ways to win the battle, ways to conquer, overthrow and derail the way you are living your life at present, if there is a yearning inside of you that just won’t go away, then accept your loss’s and begin a new conquest, it is never ever too late to recognize that you are here to become more than the life of a human. 

Much love and devotion