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A Warm And Generous Heart

A Warm And Generous Heart


Warm and generous considerations by way of compassionate acts of kindness are not necessarily natural for humans.

Empathic people are gentle and big-hearted by character, these traits are the basis of their inherent Souls, to be aware of opportunities that allow acts of kindness is most likely the truest representation of their Spirit.

A chance to bring a smile, to warm a heart, to give another person a moment in time to feel something deep in their Soul should never be overlooked.

Whatever the situation if there is an occasion to make kindness possible, then do something. We do indeed have a lot to learn from the Empaths about humility and modesty.

As we well know, what doesn’t come to us as a natural part of our awareness we are devoid and vacant of the thought entirely.

We may see a beggar on the street but we only ‘see’ him, there is no thought to offer food or money and so we walk past and do nothing.

Chances are our Ego comes to tell us stories of the beggar, ‘if I give him money he will only buy drugs or booze’, which enhances our withdrawal from acting out of kindness.

Why are we not able to detach our Self from the outcome of anything we do? Our mental and emotional attachments hold back our Soul from possibilities that are endless, potentials that may enhance our lives in the most sublime and delightful ways.

Simple acts of kindness may be the key to inspiring even the most insentient Spirits, allowing an incapable feeling to become the opposite.

What we so often forget is, ‘we are all in this together’, this sentiment has great value, life is a gamble for each of us, we can wager on keeping it simple, or making it difficult.

Kindness allows us to offer a gift from our heart, simply to make another Souls’ heart beat faster with joy, there is nothing more than I would rather do, how about you?

Much love and devotion