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A Singular Soul

A Singular Soul


There is no one on this earth more unique than you.

Each and every one of our soul’s functions in its own vitality, your soul is remarkably singular. This perhaps is why our spiritual journey can be very lonesome at times, who will understand the eccentricity of our path when indeed no other soul compares.

Even the closest members of your tribe will at times be at odds to understand you, at least in the way you hope they can. “I know how you feel”, we often recite, but do we really know to the depths of what another human is feeling?

Even the ones we love, our partners, our children and our precious friends, we may share their pain when times for them are challenging, but there is no comparison to the suffering they are feeling in the nucleus of their soul.

Each of our earthly incarnations has a very special purpose, the reason for our rebirth has one motive, and this motivation is to resolve as much of our ancestral patterns of conditioned behaviours as humanly possible.

What we do not complete in one lifetime we will repeat in another. Each life experience grants us hope, that we may be determined with enough courage to meet the objective.

What could go wrong we might contemplate, what is the big deal, let’s get it all done now so when I come back to this earth again everything I dream about will be mine.

Soul Work isn’t as easy as you may conceive, anyone that is traveling on a spiritual path will attest to this sentiment.

The journey is lonesome, the solitude makes it arduous and grueling at times. Nothing good comes easy, or so they say.

Although our soul is singular it doesn’t come unarmed, we carry around a toolbox wherever we are in our life, everything we need to challenge our way through whatever it is we are dealing with is inside our trusty toolbox.

Everything that is demanded of you, there is a tool in your soul that fits to remedy and resolve it.

There is only one of you, you are it, there is no-one else like you, treasure this truth, honour who you are, love yourself and be kind to yourself, you didn’t come here only to suffer, that is not the case at all. \Each of us is here to find equanimity, don’t quit until you do. 

May You Find The Truth Of Who You Are