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A Single Precious Moment

A Single Precious Moment


I hear it every morning, I wait for it.

There is a single precious moment just before the sky begins to lighten from the darkness of the night, everything is still and as quiet as a mouse.

As I wait my Soul is patient.

There is a knowing somewhere deep inside of me that something of great value is about to be heard. This single precious moment must not be wasted or carelessly neglected, for it makes the heart beat faster in the most joyful delight.

The sun has not yet shown its face but very soon it will find its way above the treetops.

I have been awake for some time now quietly waiting for the best part of my day, the very few minutes just before the break of day.

Every morning from early spring late into the autumn tiny little creatures awaken from their sleep and they sing the sun awake for us.

Still snuggled on their branches deep inside the trees, natures little-feathered friends create a spectacular harmony for us all to hear.

A single precious moment meant to ignite our Soul, may it last throughout your day.

There is so much that Mother Nature provides to help our spirits soar, brief and tiny minutes more precious than any pot of gold.

So keep your eyes, ears and hearts open to what is really most important, if you are sleeping or unconsciously awake the most beautiful, significant and invaluable moments might be missed or lost, much of what we long to feel we fail to pay attention, too busy with our daily lives a million precious moments pass us by.

Our little feather friends, the ones who live inside the trees will be there for us tomorrow, just before the light of day, don’t miss this delightful alluring time, an opportunity to brighten your soul with the most precious joyful cheer. 

Much love and devotion