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A Look Inside At What Hurts

A Look Inside At What Hurts


When the Universe hears your call for help, it takes you very seriously. 

It may have listened in the past to your ‘asking’, knowing full well you were far from ready to make any changes to your situation. 

Suddenly your energy might alter and your Soul begins to plead for assistance, when this happens the Universe gets to work. 

Synchronicity will abound, there will be no rock left unturned, your Guides will be on full alert sending out messages to you in any way they are able. 

The pain you had felt before now becomes worse, the Universe is poking at you frantically trying to get your attention. 

Just like a bruise to the flesh that is constantly being kicked, your internal suffering flares up in discomfort. 

What does this kind of pain look like? 

When the Soul recognizes an opportunity to evolve something in you changes position when the Ego detects this conveyance it becomes afraid, so fearful in fact your thoughts will become even more deluded than before. 

The Ego’s retaliation of attack against the Soul is simple, it will constantly remind you of your inherited beliefs, it will send opposing messages to you, internal memo’s prompting you to remember your failures, your inabilities, your weaknesses, and a mountain of other fears. 

During this time of potential realization what you have been taught to believe about yourself will flare up inside of you like a poison ivy rash out of control. 

It takes every ounce of courage and stamina you have to stop yourself from scratching the past and giving in to the Ego. 

What you feel inside hurts like hell.

 Everything inside of you is being torn in two, your sense of reality is distorted and the confusion in your head makes you want to run and hide, never to be found again. 

There is a war raging inside of you, the Ego and the Soul are going head to head, ‘but I didn’t sign up for this’, you might say to yourself, ‘why is this happening’?

 Without conflict, a battle and a struggle there is no evolution, nothing will ever change, no progress can be made and life remains the same. 

In order to achieve your freedom, you must tenaciously clash with everything you have believed about yourself, your tribe and the world. 

Your mind races like a river after a hundred days of heavy rain, it takes everything you have to keep yourself from drowning in thoughts that want to constantly pull you under. 

‘Will this ever end’, you cry feeling completely exhausted at times. 

The answer from your Soul is ‘yes’, this war will end, you will be declared victorious because you chose yourself above all others, ‘not an easy task’ the Soul recites, but in order to free the world and those you love, you must first free yourself. 

Stay with the pain, look it in the face, battle against your mind and proceed, the process of your spiritual growth will reward you along the way. 

Much love and devotion