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A Global Shift

A Global Shift


As humans we are born with a distinct sensory perception, we have the ability to see, hear, or become aware of other people and our surroundings through our 5 senses, touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound, what we most often neglect to identify with is our 6th sense, our natural intuitive impression.

Our world is changing, it isn’t difficult to conceive this notion, even without following social media or social networking using such profiles as facebook and twitter it isn’t difficult to pick up on the collective chaos, the vibrancy of the energies we feel when we leave our homes has shifted.

In a world fuelled by fear from what we hear and read which is a job from those whose work it is to produce, supply and upgrade the intensity of our fear, no wonder the air we breathe is becoming more and more tainted with an underlying anxiety.

A global shift in perception has begun, it started a few years ago, the time has come and it is about time, Earth needs this cleanup, the vitality of our planet depends on our ability to shake off our fears and become more trustworthy of our abilities in becoming more consciously aware.

The Universe is asking for your assistance and you can help by paying extra attention to your thought patterns, allow yourself to become well informed as to what your Ego is speaking to you.

Learning how to discern and distinguish your minds interpretations from your gut feelings (your intuition) is vitally important to your Souls growth, this is the change in perception that we need to happen throughout the world.

This global consciousness is what will assist our planet in becoming less self-destructive.

Recognize where you are holding onto fear, and begin to be aware of how you can let it go, understand fear is only a delusion of our mind. 

Much love and devotion