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A Free Soul

A Free Soul


When a Soul is free, there is a bliss beyond comparison.

No longer under the control or power of the Ego, we are able to act and speak our truth.

Freedom of the Soul, is no longer living under the confinement of our internal conditioning.

Imprisoned by our Societal beliefs restrains us from living the life that we are here to live.

Unobstructed we are able to become all that we can be, all that we dream we are.

The life force energy within us begins to move harmoniously as our new found freedom takes the rains.

Our Spirit begins to sore, as the intensity and passion for this newness within us begins to manifest. Our emotional and intellectual energy expands with enthusiasm, warming the core of our being.

Our vitality increases, the craving for nature is undeniable. Our central energy system enlarges in size, we feel like we are floating, our feet are off the ground.

There is a Spiritual spark that we hadn’t seen before in ourselves. Our zest for life is beyond our wildest fantasy.

There is nothing we can not conquer, there is nothing we can not achieve.

The world seems smaller, the vast and far-reaching places seem only miles away. Everything we had hoped to ‘see’ with our minds eye, is now within reach.

Stretch out of your comfort zone and grasp what it is you have always wanted, everything is possible when your Soul is free.

Believe in yourself, you can succeed in achieving almost anything, look how far you have come already!!