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Is There Something More?

Life is meant to be more, it is the reason you are here! 
All of the challenges, pain and sufferings is only a small portion of what this life experience is meant to be about, don’t ever give up on your dreams for more. 
There is a sensational whisper constantly reminding you of your greatness, this soft and gentle murmur is the expression of your Soul, do you hear it, it has been trying to get your attention for the longest time? 
Our Soul communicates with us sometimes in the most exquisite ways.
 A voice in our head appears inconspicuously with messages from the Universe, memos translated into loving counsel recommended from an authority that works tirelessly to guide us. 
Your work is to trust what you hear from that place deep down inside your core, don’t be afraid of what you might hear. 
Change is growth and it makes us different. Taking chances that might separate us from who we have always been will require the valour of fearlessness, there is no gallantry if you won’t be courageous. 
Begin to work on how to be daring, takes leaps of faith which test your comfort zones. 
One small step will lead to big ones in no time at all. There is nothing you can’t do if you have the audacity to take bold risks. 
The more messages from your Soul you are able to decipher the louder she will speak to you, once she has your attention she will be relentless with her guidance. 
There is no greater gift to grant our self than to awaken our Spirit and embrace her with open arms. Remember sometimes there may be a lull, a time when everything stops, everything is silent and everything stands still, let this be ok and allow it to be a time to rest. 
When the Soul knows there is greatness to come, for a time hushed becomes our world. 
You are ready for a change I know you are, I can feel it. Get ready.

Much love and devotion