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Intuitive Realization


Strolling peacefully in the woods on a Sunday afternoon, being careful as not to disturb the nature under your feet you suddenly hear something that startles your attention.

It isn’t a plaintive sound you hear, it is more of a grunting noise and your nostrils are smelling something musky, an odor that isn’t familiar to you.

Off to your left, you see a black bear and it has its eyes on you. Both of you are standing still. You are cemented in your feet riddled with fear, the sounds in your head are telling you to run, but you know from what you have read it would be the worse thing to do.

You slowly turn around and as quietly as you can you begin to walk away. The adrenalin running through your veins has expanded your air passages, your pupils are enlarged, it takes every bit of willpower you can muster not to run.

Your Ego is on fire screaming at you of the danger behind you. ‘I’m not listening’, you chant to yourself over and over again, your gut feeling is telling you to calm down.

Our Ego warns of impending danger, which triggers a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands to increase rates of blood circulation, breathing and prepares our muscles for exertion.

A full on drama episode is happening in our physical, emotional and mental bodies all at the same time, all in an attempt to get our attention, it could be a matter of survival in the case of this bear sighting.

It is quite apparent how our Ego mind stomped in to save what could have ended up being a life-threatening situation while strolling through the woods this day, but what part of this scenario were we clearly lead by your intuition?

Keep in mind the differences between the method the Ego uses to send messages to us,  opposed to our intuitive nature!

Our Ego voice and our gut feelings conflict with one another, they are contradictory voices that clash in every colour.

They disagree constantly, divergent interpretations each one trying to take us in different directions, such polar opposites we might say.

When danger is evident, the Ego screams impulsively, our intuition on the other hand quietly calms us to listen to what makes sense.

Do you see how you can use this scenario to guide you in some way with a situation in your life presently?

Learning to distinguish our intuitive voice over our chattery and impulsive Ego is key to making solid and meaningful decisions in our daily lives.

Practice does make, ‘as good as it is possible to be’, in other words, perfect.

Challenge your Self, and begin to form a bond with your intuition, I say without a doubt it will change your life.  

Much love and devotion