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Prayer, The Use Of Your Conscious Light

Prayer, The Use Of Your Conscious Light


For many years, actually as far back as I can remember, the word prayer made me feel uncomfortable.

I would hear people use it for many different reasons, but I never used the word prayer myself.

I didn’t practise what I thought praying meant, not in the way I recognized other people using it for the reasons they did.

I suppose I have always had a deep sense of my own spiritual beliefs ever since I was a kid.

Over the years I have questioned the gods I was taught to believe in and respect, and although my parents were not religious people, we didn’t go to church or pray over our daily food, I managed to somehow inherently believe that if I prayed for whatever it was that I wanted, I would get it.

This is what was conflicting to me, all I had to do was pray and all would be well?

What my parents did teach me, mostly my father, was that if you worked hard and honestly, you would be worthy of a good life, this made more sense to me growing up.

There have been times in my life that have been difficult, just like you, we all have struggles and challenges to face.

I think it might be safe to say ‘that’s life’, that is how it is sometimes, we have to take the good with the not so good and realize there is a lesson in everything.

It has been during those difficult times though, that people have intentionally prayed for me, I know this because they have told me they have.

I must admit there was a great degree of comfort in knowing that they were at the time of my distress, not because of who they might have been praying to and that I might benefit from this entity, but because that person cared enough about me to gift me a moment of time out of their life to think of me.

This is the sentiment that warmed my heart, and I believe that when our heart feels the heat from someone else’s compassion, a profound healing can occur.

Praying and prayers have been used since the beginning of time, and I think it is incredibly humbling that so many humans take the time to do so, for whatever the cause.

Even though I may not use the word prayer, it doesn’t mean that I don’t send my devotion out to whomever has requested a prayer or two from me, of course I do.

But I like to think that consciously my energy and the light in me is a part of our world, and it is something I give freely all the time.

The most important thing right now is understanding how much we all need to participate in raising human consciousness for this planet.

Send your healing energy to the collective each and everyday, consciously or with a prayer, because it will be in the love that you send with your thoughts (or aloud) that will help to change this planet.

Warming the heart of our earth is how we will profoundly heal what is broken, together we can do this.
May You Find Truth
Annanda x