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You Matter


There is something unique about each and every one of us.

We are born as individuals, there are no two Souls alike.

Our task in this life is to find our way to the extraordinary part of who we are.

The Soul that resides deep inside of us has the remarkable endeavour of connecting to us, so we can be best of friends.

Our Soul is who we are, it is what authenticates our existence.

In order to get to know our Soul we must be willing to take an honest, deep look inside of ourself.

Growth of our Soul comes from choosing to work with situations that seem heavy, dull and very often painful.

None of this is attractive to our Ego, and seems to hold no value for us.

Why would we want to cause ourself to feel pain inside!. So, often we choose the temporary satisfaction of the instant gratification that we get through denial.

In other words we tend to blame everyone else for our problems and our unhappiness. What we have to understand is that through our challenges we learn the most about ourselves, we establish a deeper connection to our Soul.

We won’t always get the answers to why we are here right away.

If you are simply willing to take on the work that seems so heavy with pain, it is amazing how the universe will respond to your energy, step in and provide some help with the process.

The assistance comes in the way of syncronicity. There will be signs all around you to help you along your path, don’t miss them.

If we can’t process and remove our emotional waste, such as anger, resentment, guilt and fear, it builds up inside of us and we become ill emotionally, then physically.

It is the harder choice that provides the greater reward. To embrace the courage you need to heal yourself makes you a hero not a victim.

Find your way to your authentic self and when you do you will find your true purpose.

Be patient, it may be a long and winding road. But the rewards will be endless.